I’m constantly developing new project ideas. Here are some of them (takes a long time to fill out this page!). I hope to write an individual article on each of them.

Name Description Status
Greener Neighbor This ranks NYC zip codes by how green they are- encouraging residents to be more eco-friendly. This won the Judge's Pick award at the Reinvent Green hackathon and was featured on channel 25. active This uses my server as a proxy for you to check the safety of a site before you visit it. It won the Wall Street Journal's 2012 "Data Transparency Hackathon" Judge's Choice award. active This is a Japanese Kanji learning site idea. I was annoyed by having no context when learning the kanji characters so created a web app to crawl the Yomiuri Shinbun for news articles with sentences containing only the kanji that the user wants to learn surrounded only by kanji they already knew (so that the context is relevant). This currently takes more memory than webfaction allows – so I disabled it. disabled

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